Friday, April 20, 2012

I did it.....

Yesterday after picking up the kids for practice we went to my sisters since it was still early we had about an hour to kill, she was making dinner and I honestly was super hungry, she made some chopped carne asada, refried beans all in a burrito, I agreed to one, I ate it up! it was pretty good its been a while since I have had any red meat lol............the girls ate ok well only Gena Akira didn't want any.....while at the practice my sister took out a baggie of hot cheetos........................of course my son pointed to it and I told her that she shouldn't be eating those she said oh I rarely have these and I did say well you shouldn't give the boys that.....and then suddenly my nephew stopped during his warm-up and asked for some she sternly said to pay attention (he ended up getting a baggie after practice) while we were there she offered me chocolate *AHHHH* I kept saying no thanks but Angel was wanting some ugh, so I said ok, fed him some and I of course had some =( oh well....................

After practice we went home and hubby was home from work, he made sure I went running because he knows how upset I was that the day before I couldn't go due to our son being clingy I went......our dog (Jedi) was so excited he knows that when I'm dressed for our run he's going and he just follows me around waiting lol its cute and annoying. We left and I had my music blasting to Latin workouts............OMG! I wanted to run atleast 30min nonstop....even at the stop lights I jogged in place I use to laugh at people doing that but I wanted to keep my heart rate makes sense now =)
I went 2.2mil non stop! I only stopped because I ran out of road! lol 29min 2.2miles I was soo excited but then man I had to go back home! That's the best part of not doing my runs on a treadmill you HAVE to keep going to get home no stopping and say oh well next time I kept jogging and I did want to stop SO BAD but then Id ask myself why? I'm not hurting, I am tired but I can still keep going and if I stop it will be hard to start up again......just see how much further you can go so I did....................I went all the way home I only stopped and started walking with my arms up to slow my heart rate about less than 1min from my place........I felt AWESOME~! I did 4.4miles in 58min!!! That's a goal now for me, to jog it in less and less time.......the half marathon is 13miles and you have 4hours to make it if I keep getting my time lower I can make it!!! I'm soooo happy and omg sore! I got home wanting to fall over and grabbed some skim milk with chocolate and 2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon bread! haha....I burned over 1031cal!!! wow!!!

Today I woke up with lower back pain but not ouch pain more of a sore pain...............I do jog with my back straight.......I learned to control my breathing so I don't exhaust legs are sore.....but it feels good...............I pray I can keep this up =)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New food....

So last night I gave the girls a choice as to what were having for dinner, I gave them 2 options:

Chicken burritos (chicken breast sauteed with peppers onions and put in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa) and brown rice

Or pasta with chicken of course they chose the pasta! So I went to Fresh and Easy and bought some Brown Rice pasta (never used it before) some Organic Marinara sauce and some bread.............went home and made dinner...I added some thyme, rosemary and basil to the sauce I sauteed the chicken breast in some olive oil seasoned with Mrs Dash cooked the noodles and TADA!
I wanted to make sure they had a good hearty HEALTHY meal......(Yes I know the bread wasn't healthy!) By the time hubby came home dinner was ready, we all sat down and had dinner together (except Gena she didn't eat she wasn't hungry even though I said NO food after 7pm if you don't eat that's it) Oni and Akira LOVED it!
I didn't tell them it was healthy until they were done and Oni went and said it was filling and really good Akira said the same....... I'm happy I can change the foods they love to something I'm ok with serving, I don't always make 100% healthy foods but I do my best to make sure they have something that wont sit in their bodies rotting (sounds good huh??) So little by little I'm changing their eating habits AT HOME......I can't control what they eat outside but as a mom and wife I feel its my duty to make sure they have a good healthy dinner waiting for them......=)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New focus ....

Well I have changed how I look at my health, not in a bad way just realizing that my focus needs to change....YES I want to loose weight who doesn't?! but I also want to tone my body up and look fantastic in certain cloths, so I started doing different wkouts on my lunch break

I switch it every other day and still do 30min cardio (15min each break)......on days I go running I burn more calories ofcourse but days I don't its less....I still TRY to eat as best as I can but I'm not perfect but I do pretty good.

I was going to do a swimsuit photo shoot in May but I seem to have ALOT of obstacles in my way lately and its been hard to do much once Im home and I feel I need more time than what I have now to get myself ready, so it will be a regular shoot but with some CUTE cloths from rockabilly's they have the cutest dresses!!! I'm excited. (This is sortof what I want to wear that day)

I decided to change my hair, I went blondish I keep being told it fits me! haha......I love it its really different! Oni loves it the only person who isn't ok with it is Akira, she's use to my dark hair. I do plan on chopping it off to my shoulders AFTER the shoot........ I have my marathon in June and I want something more low maintenance for that time....It grows quick so I'm not to worried about it.

So I put away the scale and just measured my waist (above belly button: 30in) and my lower tummy (37) those are my focal points I still need to measure my hips..... but for now less cardio more toning....WISH ME LUCK!

Friday, March 23, 2012

adding to my wkouts

So I know I always struggle, so I decided to make a few changes, first of all let me say I'm not a great runner but I did enjoy jogging outside a few years ago, I use to go after work and enjoyed the rush after its done...that's how I lost some of my weight. I signed up for the Rock n Roll marathon in June, I'm excited and nervous, I started running again and on Tuesday I did ok, I'm not seeing how many miles I'm doing yet I'm trying to just build my stamina, I took our boxer with us and boy he was tired!!! I forgot how many calories I can burn running!!! I did wear my HRM to see and it said over 500 woohoo!! but it was 45min of jogging/walking.

On days I'm not jogging (I switch every other day) I make sure to do something, so on Wednesday I played Just Dance 3 with Genesis shes been asking and I keep being to busy (bad mommy) so I did it and yes wore my HRM and burned 400cal in 40min!! haha she had soooo much fun and so did I.....Angel was dancing away also =)

So since that was my "rest day" of jogging I ran yesterday (Thursday) and man!! I felt like my legs couldn't keep going I didn't last tooo long but did ok, I didn't push myself to much I don't want to hurt myself.....but I did good =) I woke up feeling sore and "thin" lol I know silly but I'm also trying to watch how much I eat I did notice I didn't eat much yesterday not purposely, I think I had to much going on taking my son to his orthopedic appointment then home to jog then shower get things ready, by the time I noticed it was late! I'm trying to not eat heavy or much after water it was!!

I cant wait to see how much better I get at jogging I don't have a set time to finish the marathon the limit is 4hrs for 13miles so I want to finish with that once I get use to it next time I will set a personal goal.....I know I wont loose alot adding the jogging but I know I will feel better about me.....and so far I do , If you live close come and cheer for me June 3 =)) lol

Thursday, March 15, 2012

struggle shame and excuses

I've been struggling to see where I have gone wrong, I know what I eat isn't always the best or cleanest.....I know I need and should be working out differently by adding resistance training, I know I need to dedicate more time to my health........then why cant I ??

My reason: my kids....husband.....guilt.

As much as Id like to say that my family is 100% supportive, they aren't, they're probably about 90%, the rest is my kids wanting (mainly my son) all my time...husband doesn't mind me working out, he's ok with it, but he also wants his time to wind down once he's home from work, its not fair for me to ask that once he's home to take over the kids and let me do my 1hr if I wait until my son is asleep its late and I'm tired and don't have energy at all to do my dvd's, that is MY fault.....I have thought to myself that I can wake up early, (4am) do atleast 1 dvd which is 30min take a quick shower get ready and go to work, but once the alarm goes off I hit snooze or just change the time to get up at 5am instead, I do kick myself once I realize what I did but that doesn't stop me..I do need and miss my sleep but I also don't feel as energetic like before I feel blah, maybe its the time change? maybe or maybe its my body punishing me for being lazy.

My one year anniversary is coming up that I have been using and I got to say I thought Id be at my goal by now =( and Id be posting progress pictures, I KNEW that once I hit 130 I would gain it just seems like my body wants to be 130-135 but for my height I should be 114-125 which is what my goal is (125) I know as I get older it will get harder but that cant and wont be an excuse, so I started doing my dvds again even if it was just one 30min (I couldnt keep up I was super tired) I am eating better atleast Im logging EVERYTHING I eat and I WILL NOT lie about the food, if Im ashamed to say what Im eating then I shouldnt eat it.....right?

In May I have a swimsuit photo shoot my cousin and I are doing, its for fun nothing big but I do have a cute one piece I want to look great in.......its hugging but I dont want my legs to look like they are being blown up lol my goal is to just eat what I say and wkout how I know I should be, dont eat after 7pm, only water, one cup of coffee a day and do my best to avoid junk reward other than then the photo shoot?

(imagine Jennifer Aniston) woohoo! now Id love to have her shape haha.....well see little by little =)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reached a small goal!

So my goal weight was to be under 140 by my sisters baby shower. As you know and have read I changed my wkout and eating habits. I do my normal cardio but also add some weights which is really much needed. I need to tone my arms and legs but have no time once Im home so I read that if I do weights before I do cardio my wkout and results will be good. I also changed my foods like I mentioned and by me adding a good breakfast and eating every 2hrs has really kept me more aware of how and when I eat. I was nervous to weigh myself on Saturday morning. Whenever I get close to my goals I somehow slip and gain or dont loose. ....................I woke up in fear that the scale wont be nice.........I stepped on and in big numbers it read 139.8........... yes I lost some ounces~!~!!!! I was soooo happy , then it hit me........I dont have time to wkout........what am I going to do now ? Will I gain a few ounces back this weekend? will I gain and be stuck AGAIN? and then I realized..................Yes , maybe you will BUT you have finally reached a goal and you did it without any pills or did it! be happy! enjoy this little victory and move forward, so I did =) Yes I have more to loose but I will take the small joy I got when I read the scale that morning. I never thought I would see that number after 7mon of having my son......I know think positive, but I always struggled with my weight and body. I now fit into my old jeans and tops.........I have alot to tone but I feel great knowing that I am loosing this baby weight and not making myself wait a year like I use to. If I gain some ounces so what I will loose them again, I now need to really be on top of things I CANT gain anything back I need to loose the remaining 14lbs by November........ I do need to make sure I eat atleast 1200cal a day, I notice I gain some ounces when I eat less..............I cant have my body think Im starving, because Im not. I have heard people say I eat a little........but I eat ALL day. I stop by 7pm. This is a typical day for me

Onions - Raw, 0.13 cup, chopped
Generic - Bellpepper, 0.25 cup raw
Egg White - Large, Generic, 2 large egg white
Folgers - Hazelnut Ground Coffee, 2 tablespoon
Bread Du Jour - Italian Rolls, 1 roll
Coffeemate - Hazelnut Liquid Coffee Creamer - Sugar Free, 7 tablespoon (15 ml)

Lettuce - Green leaf, raw, 1 cup shredded
Foster Farms - Honey Roasted & Smoked Turkey Breast 98% Fat Free, 1.5 Slice

Homemade - Chicken Fajita, 2 fajita
Mission - Flour Tortillas - Fajita Size, 1 tortilla (32g)
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill - Salsa Verde, 0.5 oz
Oil - Olive, 0.75 tablespoon

Homemade by Me - Mixed Fresh Fruit Honeydew, Cantelope,
Zone Perfect - Nutrition Bar - Chocolate Peanut Butter, 0.63 bar
Snyders of Hanover - Sourdough Specials Pretzels, 9 pretzels
Orange - Orange (S) 3-4 oz, 1.13 small 2-3/8 inch diameter
Fresh Produce - Apple, Red Delicious, 0.5 Large
Bread Mexican - Concha, 0.5 doughnut
Totals 1,288

Dinner changes ofcourse and so does lunch it all depends but I dont eat alot in one sitting because I eat mostly all day..........Im happy with where I am =) thank you for cking on me...

Friday, June 24, 2011

I finally knocked down my wall =)

Don't get me wrong, No I'm not a professional nutritionist (although Id love to be) but when I hit a wall I decided to change my routine of food and wkouts, yes I was hesitant.......I didn't want to gain anymore weight (I gained 2lbs ) and I didn't want to be stuck where I I did some research.
I'm sure MANY if not ALL of you already know this....but like many of us we try to avoid the truth and want to do things our way because well we know how to right? Well this mentality got me to where I am....stuck.
I use to eat a piece of bread with butter spray (I cant believe its not butter its 0cal) and my coffee for breakfast, yes that's all and mainly because I don't have time to make me a good breakfast in the morning I wake up really early and have to be at work at 6am..... (does the excuse sound familiar?) I would still wkout 3times a day in 2 15min intervals and 1 30min and would burn 450-600cal a day.
I would be soooo hungry that all my snacks would be gone and I would be hungry when I got home at 2:30pm that I would just snack, I would ask myself "OK self.........why? why are you getting back into your old habits? Your NOT pregnant anymore so you need to stop eating like it" One day I just realized what I had to do.........I started prepping my foods the night before (Id do this already but I now included breakfast) I would wake up early enough and make myself my 2egg whites with chopped bellpepper and onions and I would still have my Italian roll and BOOM an eggwhite sandwich and my coffee........DELICIOUS! Another thing I changed, I would eat EVERY 2hours......You heard me....every 2hours I would eat or snack....ok my snacks are pretty healthy and I still drank my water and coffee. I have been doing this all week and still workout the same amount and guess what? My scale is moving to the right direction again, I lost the 2lbs I gained and I'm now ounces away from being out of the 140's.
I had my son 7mon ago .....I never knew how to loose and keep the weight off until about 2yrs ago, I was determined to not spend 4yrs loosing the baby weight.....I am meeting my goals, slowly but they are being done. I know its easy to skip meals, its easy to eat out more...but fast food has tons of sodium and you can never be sure 100% what is in the food...........Yes I still eat out but I cook at home 6days a week....always chicken so redmeat is only about 1 a month or so..Im glad my scale is moving again and I'm glad I found a way to keep it moving =)